Fixing of pipes and channels of all kinds for sanitary, heating, cooling, steam, ventilation, electricity...

PIPEX Catalogue actuel

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The standard Pipex range allows any type of installation and pipes to be fixed to the ceiling, against a wall or on the floor.
Non-insulated, insulated, for cold, for hot, one screw, two screws, for water, air, electricity, small, large, promatized, fire galvanized, stainless steel ... a solution for every case.

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On request, we can carry out your pre-assemblies. This way you can concentrate on your core business and use your skills.
Your advantages:

  • Time saving: Your time is valuable, we help you to optimise it and meet your deadlines by relieving you of non-essential tasks.
  • Save money: gain efficiency and optimise installation costs.
  • Save resources: You use your strengths and skills for core tasks. You concentrate on your core business.
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If the standard assortment is not enough, Samvaz SA creates your custom-made parts.
Our consultants, technicians, locksmiths, painters and mechanics are there for you.