Precision workbench cutter with deburring disc

rali cut

For all metals, wood and plastics.
A tool for fast, clean and precise cuts.
Ideal for threaded rods, angle and precision cuts.
Maximum cutting diameter: 25mm.
Rotational speed: 15'000 rpm.
For cutting off

rali cut tronçonner

rali cut ébavurer

For deburring

Accessories (optional)


disque à tronçonner fibré disque non fibré disque a ebavurer
Fiberized cutting disc.
For standard work.
Stronger than non-fibrous disc.
Tends to make coarser cuts than the non-fibrous disc.
Tends to fill a little more than the non-fibre disc (depending on material).

Non-fibrous cutting disc.
For fine work.
More brittle than a fibrous disc.
Tends to make finer cuts than fibrous disc.
Tends to fill a little less than the fibred disc (depending on the material).

Deburring disc
To deburr all your cuts, whether tubes or threaded rods.

Stop with ruler

For precise length cuts

rali cut règle rali cut règle démo

Angle cutting table

Adjustment with stops

tablepsd butee angle


Clean and safe cut

serrejoint serre joint

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