Clamps and shear connectors, moulding pannels for concrete formwork

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SAM formwork system

Simple, economical, efficient, easy to transport and set up.
No need for cranes and heavy infrastructure.

  • straight wall, standard
  • circular formwork
  • head of slab
  • double wall with shear connections
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sam sam
sam sam

Shear connectors for clean concrete

The clean concrete connectors have a breaking point which is located at the bottom of the plastic cleat.
The sealing wedge closes the opening and prevents rust from dripping.

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Mould panel

Standardized material facilitating build-up and dismantlement, transportation and storage.
Resulting in a concrete for demanding building supervisor.
Manufactured on demand, minimum radius 100 cm - maximum radius unlimited.
Standard width 50 cm - thickness 27 mm.
Length determinated as per radius


panneau cintre panneau cintre panneau cintre

Clamps and shear connectors

Easy to set up and cost effective
Place saving
The TD-20 gives you the possibility of moulding
the head of the plate or the beginning of a wall

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Accessories for TD20 slab head connector

  • continue from one wall to another
  • slab head
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The SAM documentation can be downloaded on Services / download (in French or German)