TERSA planer shafts and planer heads with automatic centrifugal force clamping

Heads - Blocks

Planing head with all-steel lamella body or aluminium combination for weight and steel for strength.
Centrifugal clamping with knife change in seconds, including adjustment.
A tool adaptable to all machines.


 R2000 head in full steel

R2000 head in combined aluminium / steel r2000 bicolor 
 r2000 pro R2000 pro head in full steel with profiling knives
R2000 head in a moulder tete mouluriere


A tool adaptable to (almost) all machines.

Shaft 4 knives Ø87
Shaft 12 knives Ø200
arbre tersa vieille machine TERSA shaft on a machine from year 1929
TERSA shaft in a high-performance 4-sided planer arbre tersa rex

Reversible bi-cutting knives

A knife for every application.

Chrome, T1, HSS, M+, Gold or Hard Metal, depending on the material to be planed.

Download our TERSA knife guide and other documents (which knife for which species) in the Services / Download section.



Straightening cutters, levellers, combs for R2000 pro and R2000 heads

araseur Leveller for R2000 and R2000 pro
Profiling knives for R2000 pro head, various shapes and radii couteau à profiler
peigne PR2000 pro head comb
Universal key for extracting TERSA knives clé universelle
clé mâle Male key for profiling knives