The glued laminated wood from Samvaz SA, is characterized by a continuous assembly process using a pressing and high frequency drying machine.
This pressing system (SAMWOOD) has been entirely developed and manufactured by our engineers.
The glue used is a melamine developed by , totally adapted to the outdoor weather conditions. (clear joint).

The fast-gluing principle is based on microwell-technology, which heats very locally and shortly the beam. This heat kills all vermin and parasites.

The Samvaz wood is hand sorted for a constant and optimal quality. It exists in 3 different qualities: Framewood, non-visible and visible.

Excepting for very specific needs specified by our customers (for instance for northern wood),
All wood timbers come from within a region of 30 km around the factory.
The grey energy needed for transportation is reduced to the aboslute minimum and
The regional forests take the full advantage of a clean and optimal usage of the wood.

The waste wood parts are used to heat the industrial building around the factory. Samvaz does not any oli-based fuel or gaz for heating.