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SAMVAZ SA is a family SME created in 1964 and is today located in the industrial zone of Châtel-St-Denis, a commune in the south of the Canton of Fribourg (Veveyse).

Its position on the edge of the motorway exit gives it easy access.

Two entities group the activities of the company, which employs 170 people on the two sites of Châtel-St-Denis:
The main activity is metal machining. The other is specialized in wood.

SAMVAZ SA has grown by inventing, developing, manufacturing and marketing its own products. among others:

pipex logo pipex
Pipe clamping-system
rali logo rali
Handplanes and other tools
tersa logo tersa

Autolock heads and blocks for woodworking
sam logo sam
Formwork system
bois logo bois suisse
Glue-laminated wood and other specialities,
sound-absorbing stand beams
sam floor logo sam floor
Modular wood-metal floor for terraces
demi-lune logo demi-lunes
Mounting for wooden fences


Samvaz and social Responsibility

usine photovolaique

Samvaz is an economic player in the Châtel-St-Denis region.
Therefore, Samvaz SA also has a social responsibility towards the region.
For example, we use photovoltaic cells to provide part of our electricity supply.
Our factories are supplied with our wood waste. This way, we can heat the entire industrial area without using fossil fuels such as oil or gas.
We subcontract certain operations such as riveting, assembly of collar insulation or cardboard packaging to protected workshops in the region.


Historically, SAMVAZ SA started by developing and marketing the SAM formwork system used in masonry and civil engineering. Other ideas came from observing the builders. Thus, in 1972 PIPEX was invented, a system for fixing sanitary, heating and ventilation pipes, which currently accounts for the largest part of the company's turnover. Then came the glued laminated timber and insulating logs. Finally, the product range was completed with RALI hand planers (planers with interchangeable blades) and TERSA planing shafts and heads, patented in 1984.

The products that ensure the company's success are designed and developed in-house, as are the computer-controlled machine tools that manufacture them. The continuous wood glueing press with high-frequency glue curing was developed in-house and is currently a unique solution in Europe.


Our Mission is to offer our customers quality products, standard or customized, reliable and robust, easy to handle and implement, with a perfect and personalized service.

  • To achieve these objectives, our values are :
  • Qualified, competent and motivated employees
  • Professional and competent advice
  • Direct, simple and efficient management
  • Productivity and manufacturing performance thanks to tools developed and produced in-house
  • Automation
  • Privileged relationship with our suppliers
  • Continuous control of finished product inventories
  • Local, national and international business partners
  • Own logistics with warehouses and a national delivery service